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The Long Tall Butler

This meandering, highly skilled and interactive stilt act can add a touch of class to any event in any place. Providing a high class service and assisting customers or the unsuspecting public in every way, or at least to the best of his abilities.


The Long Tall Vampire

This dusty Victorian vampire brings a chill down the spine on old Hallows Eve. A butler by trade he is fully prepared to assist you and make you feel at home within the carnival of Halloween. A stilt walking character perfect for up close interaction. 


The Ringmaster

A stilt walking master of events with megaphone in hand, here to welcome all and spread the good word of what your event has to offer. With much clowning fun to be had, he’ll make sure everyone feels right at home and in the spirit of your event’s festivities.


The Ringmaster of the Dead

Roll up roll up, Halloween festivities are in town and our deadly ringmaster is here to help you turn around your frown. Be it candy apples or a spot for the fireworks display he will lead you through the costumed crowd and help you find your way. Perfect for Halloween events and parties, this versatile stilt walking act is a visual treat assisting the crowd in many ways.


The Arctic Explorer

This giant explorer is in search of all things warm and cosy, whether it be a hug or directions to the nearest hot cuppa, audience members can help him on his way.  Bringing a snow blizzard to all occasions, the explorer is a comedic act which fully embraces our colder months of the year, illuminated for events after dark.


The Winter King

This stilted king brings a wintery chill as he walks, celebrating all that is cold and Christmassy! This highly interactive act is perfect for meeting and greeting at busy winter events, also suitable for evening events with an illuminated costume.


A stilt walking group of enthusiastic butlers making all feel welcome and right at home. These clowns will all do their best to accommodate guests in every way. Massages, shoe shines, soothing whale noises. Anything to take the edge off and get everyone in the mood for their festivities.