The Tiny Tour

Grab your magnifying glass and tread carefully as the long tall butler leads you on a journey of the tiny.

Discover the little folk who live in trees high above, tunnel into soil below and fly on the backs of winged beasts. When we take the time to notice we can see that there are little people all around, helping our plants to grow, ours bees to buzz and trees to make the air we breathe.

Tiny Tour3-performance-cornwall

Tiny Tour-performace-CornwallTiny Tour- Performance- Cornwall

The production follows on from 2014’s Arts Council Funded

Café Petite

As well as Ross Wheeler’s long running

The Long Tall Butler

Designed for a family audience, The Tiny Tour requires a natural outdoor space to be performed. Perfect for a festival or outdoor event.

Using elements of circus, comedy and storytelling; Tiny Tour can run up to 3 times per day, each tour will be around 30 minutes and for up to around 20-30+ people at a time. Some magnifying glasses will be provided during the tours that will all lead from a meeting point to a number of miniature installations set-up for the day.

tiny tour4-performance-cornwall

Contact Ross Wheeler for more information: