Circus Skills

Widely known for building confidence, keeping fit, improving balance and coordination whilst encouraging a strong sense of team building through the nature of play. Our workshops introduce floor based practices such as Juggling, Poi, Diablo, Staff and Hula Hoop. Guiding absolute beginners to circus addicts. We can provide “drop in” workshops for busy events or structured sessions for a more focused group.






Stilt Walking- Beginner to Master Class

Ross Wheeler has been stilt walking for over ten years and focuses on smaller peg stilts for agile movements in interactive comedic walkabouts, stilt dancing. Master Classes for circus groups involve exercises and teachings around the anatomy of walking, peg stilt walking, dancing and agile movements for different terrains. Sessions are delivered in two halves, first without stilts, the second with circus groups or individuals own stilts.


Poi and Prop Spinning- Beginner to Master Class

Delivered in one or two sessions the first half is focused on the anatomy of prop spinning with patterns, movements and exercises that are transferable to different props and improve coordination. The second goes into more technical use of staff and many poi variations for all levels with a variety of tricks and styles with a keen look into tangles and hyper looping.


 Junk Making

From instruments and decorations to puppets and junk sculpture creations, learn how to make something wonderful from what we consider “waste”. We throw away huge amounts of reusable materials every day, lets get creative with that waste in a workshop where your imagination has no boundary. 

Junk Cone



Circus Prop Making

These workshops provide you with the skills to begin making your own homemade circus kit from low cost and recycled materials. Juggling balls, poi, staff and more- personalised and made totally unique by you.



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